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Day 5 – Develop Compassion

“Jesus saw the huge crowd as he stepped from the boat, and he had compassion on them because they were like sheep without a shepherd. So he began teaching them many things.” Mark 6:34 NLT

  • Ask God to break your heart for those in need.
  • Ask God to move you with compassion for your friends and family.
  • Is there someone in your daily life who is lost or unchurched. Take time to pray for them.

Jesus’ compassion for people was unconditional. It was not contingent on their circumstances, or whatever personal decisions led to their current situation. Compassion is simply seeing people through the eyes of Jesus.

“Today I will…”

Show compassion to someone in need. (some ideas)

– Give a gift card to a family in need.

– Buy lunch for the person begging on the street corner.

– Spend time with someone who is alone.

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